Mass Air Flow Sensors PMF5000 PMF6000 Series

  The PMF5000/6000 series of mass airflow sensors from the ground up, incorporating the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations. The sensor die uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow, delivering ultra-low noise-to-signal, and unsurpassed repeatability. 
・ Unsurpassed performance in a robust and cost effective package
・High accuracy and repeatability (2% F.S.)
・ Linear output and temperature compensation
・ Long-term stability with minimal null drift
・ “Solid state” sensing core (no surface cavity or fragile membrane), resistant to clogging and          pressure shock     
・Analog output (1 to 5 V)
・ High sensitivity at very low flows
・ Fast response time (3 ms)
・ Bidirectional flow sensing option 

Absolute Maximum Ratings
・Operating Temperature -25 °C to 85 °C
・ Storage Temperature -40 °C to 90 °C
・ Media Compatibility: Dry Gas Only
・ Shock 100 g peak (5 drops, 6 axis)
・ Common Mode Pressure 25psi
PMF5000 Series
 PMF6000 Series